Twelve reasons why you should consider a website...
  • Websites extend your reach to potential customers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and regionally.
  • Your website will save you time, energy and resources because it will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Your website will cost less than printing services and television marketing whilst having a greater effect. Refer your customer to your website rather than send them an expensive printed presentation or product catalogue.
  • Your website reflects your professional image to your clients, in way that is more accessible than visiting your business in person.
  • Your website provides your customers with more information than a television commercial or classified advertisement.
  • Your website becomes a database tool that gathers valuable contact or sales information from prospective clients.
  • Your website keeps your clients informed and up-to-date with the latest product releases, events, products and facility upgrades.
  • Your website is EASY to modify. The changes to your site entice your customer to return to your site for fresh and new information.
  • By referral, your website extends its reach to your customer's friend and colleagues. If your site is effective it is referred from your customer to colleagues.
  • So, not only does your site end up working for you, it becomes a powerful selling tool.
  • A well designed website can quickly become your major marketing tool.
  • The potential audience is the entire net-savy world!

The Key Elements to getting online, are:

  • Domain Name - Your Domain name is what people type into their browser, or find to connect to your website. It should be concise and closely related to the name of your business.
  • Website design and development - This is the construction of the text, graphics and other media developed into a format that makes it available to users of the Internet.
  • Hosting - In order for users of the Internet to view your site it needs to be stored on a computer called a server. These servers store your website code and images and provide fast, efficient and reliable access to your website.
  • Getting Listed - Your users will only find you if links to your site have been established on all the major browsers and the major local, regional and national websites that your user will look at when trying to find you
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